Mornings 5AM - 9AM

Ashley & Brad

Bringing upbeat fun and laughs, and the best in pop culture to listeners every week day. The show features funny bits, trivia, and popular guest interviews, along with humorous conversation, and the latest in entertainment and music news. Call or text (888) 9-AB-RADIO or (888) 922-7234

Middays 9AM - 3PM

Mark Morris

A man of few words, but they always come with a smile. Join him Monday through Friday as he guides you through the workday.

Afternoons 3PM - 7PM

Brian Lee

When he’s not on the radio, he loves to get outside no matter what the weather, look for new shows on Netflix or work on something in the garage…always a project of some kind.

Nights 7PM - 12AM

Christian Grant

His positivity could inspire a person to move mountains or climb the M after a night of hitting the town.

Sundays 8AM - 1PM

Chris Wolfe

I am a huge hockey fan (Go Blackhawks), best sport ever to watch live! I play the tenor drum in The Celtic Dragon Pipe Band, yes a bagpipe band, but of course I don’t play the bagpipes, just the drum!