Mornings 6AM - 10AM

Mark Morris

I’ve been in radio for over 40 years, and in Missoula for these last 20. I grew up in the Midwest and worked at radio stations in Ohio, Florida and western Pennsylvania. I also worked as a weather anchor at a TV station in Ohio before heading to Montana. When I’m not on the radio, you’ll find me on a trail somewhere. I’m a hiker, dog sledder and snow shoe wherever I can. I have a great respect for wilderness and wildlife and Bears are my big thing….they’re awesome! Another weak spot of mine is dogs…..love ‘em. I look forward to long stretch working here at Max!

Middays 10AM - 3PM


Mav3rick is average beach boy, born and raised on the beaches of SoCal. In fact, at one time, he was LA’s youngest disc jockey at the age of 16. But Mav has also worked in Denver, Phoenix, Sacramento, and even Eugene and Bend, Oregon. He bleeds Dodger Blue, loves everything Disneyland. In fact, listen to his show long enough and you may catch a “Hidden Disney”, where at least once a day, he mentions something Disney.

Afternoons 3PM - 7PM

Brian Lee

When he’s not on the radio, he loves to get outside no matter what the weather, look for new shows on Netflix or work on something in the garage…always a project of some kind.

Nights 7PM - 12AM

Christian Grant

His positivity could inspire a person to move mountains or climb the M after a night of hitting the town.

Sundays 8AM - 1PM

Chris Wolfe

I am a huge hockey fan (Go Blackhawks), best sport ever to watch live! I play the tenor drum in The Celtic Dragon Pipe Band, yes a bagpipe band, but of course I don’t play the bagpipes, just the drum!